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TransGas Energy Pool

Working with our customers, in November 1996, TransGas split transportation service into receipt and delivery components, and developed the TransGas Energy Pool (TEP). This way of providing transportation promotes greater commerciality for our customers and creates an active marketplace for natural gas customers in Saskatchewan.

By splitting the transportation service, TransGas allows customers to contract for receipt transportation separately from delivery transportation and hold either or both ends of the transportation service.


  • Allows producers and suppliers to access a variety of markets.
  • Allows industrial users, utilities and distributors flexible and multiple supply options.
  • Provides a mechanism to take advantage of short and long-term market pricing.
  • Allows a customer to take advantage of shortfalls between supply and market positions.
  • Provides a mechanism for account balancing.
  • Provides a mechanism for price-discovery of natural gas in the Saskatchewan market.

The TransGas Energy Pool (TEP) is made up of Energy Accounts held by all transportation customers. In addition, gas brokers and marketers may obtain a TEP account regardless of whether they hold a receipt or delivery transportation contract.

Producers, natural gas brokers and end users will match their daily supplies and demands within this pool. All customers holding Energy Accounts in the TEP can transfer gas from one customer's account to another customer's account.

For more information on operations within the pool, contact your TransGas Key Account Manager.

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