Meeting the Demand for Gas Transportation in Saskatchewan
Facility and gas line expansion projects increase the capacity of the our system. Through these projects, we serve business needs while providing market access to customers.

Committed to the Environment

We strive to minimize our impact on all aspects of the environment, including plants, wildlife, wetlands, native prairie, and species at risk. 

With all projects, an initial screening will identify any environmental and heritage concerns. Potential issues are escalated to our dedicated environmental team, which will then complete a detailed review. Reviews include analysis of satellite imagery, wildlife and wildlife habitats, heritage and archaeological sites, impacts to water resources, as well as any potential for high risk invasive species.

Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship

Loggerhead Shrike on a plant
The Loggerhead Shrike is listed as an endangered species in Saskatchewan. Nesting areas are often found in thorny shrubs, pasture shelterbelts or cropland. Our conservation practices are designed to minimize any potential risks to our feathered friends.