Biddable Injection Summary

TransGas may offer excess seasonal or monthly injection capabilities, in the form of a Biddable Incremental Firm Injection Service, to its storage customers through an Open Season process. This service is typically offered for May - October when available. 

This summary shows the quantity and accepted bid prices of injection services awarded. 

Full Details on Injection Services Offered

Updated:  April 19, 2024

2024 Seasonal Biddable Firm Injection Service 

Bids Awarded
Capacity Offered(GJ/d)30,00030,00020,00010,00000 
Minimum Bid Price($/GJ/d)$0.0800$0.0800$0.0800$0.0800N/AN/A 
Total Capacity Awarded(GJ/d)0000N/AN/A 
Highest Bid Price Awarded Service($/GJ/d)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A 
Lowest Bid Price Awarded Service($/GJ/d)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A 

2024 Monthly Biddable Firm Injection Service

Capacity Offered(GJ/d)20,000TBDTBDTBD00
Minimum Bid Price($/GJ/d)$0.08$0.08$0.08$0.08N/AN/A
Bids Awarded       
Total Capacity Awarded(GJ/d)0TBDTBDTBDN/AN/A
Highest Bid Price Awarded Service($/GJ/d)N/ATBDTBDTBDN/AN/A
Lowest Bid Price Awarded Service($/GJ/d)N/ATBDTBDTBDN/AN/A

2024 Excess (Interruptible) Injection Service*

  Jan. to Apr.MayJun.Jul.Aug.Sept.Oct.Nov. - Dec.
*availability is determined daily
TBD = To Be Determined
N/A = Not Available