Planning ahead is the first step in making sure your project is successful. It's your responsibility to ensure you are not digging or encroaching on natural gas facilities.
TransGas gas line markers in the ground
Environmental sustainability is critical as we meet Saskatchewan’s demand for safe and reliable energy. It’s also important to our customers and the communities where we operate.
Red fox in a field
We are committed to building meaningful, long-term relationships with Indigenous groups through openness, understanding and dialogue.
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Planned Outages

Service Type Meter Affected Start Date Duration Hours
  • Delivery
  • Receipt
  • Delivery
  • Receipt
  • Receipt
  • #1693
  • #1721
  • #1728
  • #6225
  • #6202

Feb 20


  • Delivery
  • #1690

Mar 11


  • Receipt
  • #8638

Mar 18


Important Dates

Mar 1
Exports and InterProvincial Locations Processed
Mar 4
2024 Base Monthly Export Closes
Mar 6
Storage Processed and Monthly Allocations Issued