Gas Quality

Standard Natural Gas Specifications 

Your gas must meet these specifications to be accepted on our system.     

Compound/CharacteristicMetric MinMetric MaxMetric UnitsImperial MinImperial MaxImperial Units
Heating Value *35 MJ/m3939.4 BTU/ft3
Wobbe Index46.7550.60MJ/m312531357BTU/ft3
Hydrocarbon Dewpoint -10°C @ operating pressure 14°F @ operating pressure
Water Content 65mg/m3 4.06LB.MMcf
Hydrogen Sulfide 6mg/m3 0.261gr/100 ft3
Mercaptan Sulphur 6mg/m3 ~1/4gr/100 ft3
Total Sulphur 23mg/m3 ~1gt/100 ft3
Nitric Oxide 15ml/m3 15ppm by volume
Total Oxide of Nitrogen 15ml/m3 15ppm by volume
Carbon Dioxide 2% by volume  2% by volume
Oxygen 0.4% by volume 0.4% by volume
Temperature 50°C 122°F
Other substances   Other substances should be commercially free from sand, dust, gums, oils, impurities, and other objectionable substances.


  1. All m³ @ 101.325 kPa, 15°C
  2. ft³ @ 14.73 psia, 60°F
  3. 6 mg/m³ H2S equates to 4 ppm or more specifically, 4.140 ppm

* TransGas offers a low heating value surcharge service. This lets customers deliver gas with a heating value below 35.0 MJ/m³ onto our system. We will approve this service where low heating values do not affect the quality of downstream deliveries.