Facilities & System Map


TransGas provides safe, reliable natural gas transportation and storage services to our customers. We serve natural gas producers, storage customers and industrial consumers with:

  • nearly 15,000 kilometres of transmission lines
  • more than 1,200 receipt and delivery points
  • 24 compressor stations
  • eight natural gas storage sites

Our system covers almost two-thirds of Saskatchewan. We’re connected with other transport gas lines to move gas into the province while allowing gas producers or gas marketers to move their natural gas to buyers in eastern Canada and the United States. We operate storage locations throughout Saskatchewan and offer storage services to customers. Facilities are located near major centres and border points.

TransGas constructs customer-specific facilities, by request, to tie-in customer production or delivery sites to our system. While there may be gas lines in a particular area, system expansion or customer-specific facilities are likely required to meet your needs.

TransGas employee working at a storage facility

System Map

The TransGas interactive system map provides a high-level visual of our transmission gas lines. With this map, you can zoom in on a specific area, find a specific receipt meter or print a copy for your personal use. 

The map can also be used to help new and existing customers understand the infrastructure in an area where they plan to build or expand. It is always recommended, however, that you talk to a member of the TransGas team to confirm the capacity available in the area.  

Note that this map is not intended to be used for line locates. Need a line locate? Submit your request online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.