Detecting a Natural Gas Leak

If you suspect a natural gas leak, immediately call the TransGas 24-hour emergency line at 1-306-777-9800

This number is also posted on all of our gas line marker signs.

The natural gas in many transmission lines is not odourized with the additive that gives the gas a sulpher or rotten egg smell. If there is a leak, you may not smell the scent of rotten eggs.

While they rarely occur, here’s how to spot a possible leak: 


  • A steam-like cloud in the air or a frost-like appearance on the ground when the temperature is above zero
  • Discoloured plants or dead/dying vegetation along the right-of-way
  • Dirt blowing up from the ground
  • Bubbling water in wet areas

By sound

  • If you hear an unusual hissing, whistling or roaring noise, there may be a natural gas leak

By smell

  • You may smell an odour similar to diesel fuel, light oil or propane

How We Respond

In the event of a natural gas emergency, our personnel will:

  1. Respond to the suspected site immediately 
  2. Assess the source of the problem and make sure the site is cleared of anyone whose safety may be at risk 
  3. Communicate with affected customers and advise of the resolution plan        
 Are you an emergency responder? Learn more about how to safely respond to an incident involving natural gas.