Determine monthly percentage allocations for receipt meters. 

Common Stream Operators (CSOs) can enter monthly allocations below, in gigajoules (GJ) and percentages (%), for each shipper at a meter. Please submit the form when all allocations add up to 100 per cent. Percentage allocations must also be entered in MyTransGas. Once allocations are verified, TransGas will send a confirmation email..

Customer Information

Production Month


Please see Important Dates for submission deadlines.
Meter # Monthly Measurement Shippers Allocated Quantity (GJ) Calculated %
Invalid meter #
Mismatch with total shipper quantity
99.99999% is acceptable
Unit of measurement shown in gigajoules (GJ)

Next Steps

Save a csv file with this information to your computer. Email the file to in advance of the due date.
Send these allocation amounts through an online form on our website. TransGas Customer Services may contact you to confirm your submission.