Shipper Account Balancing

*As of November 1, 2021, Obligation Enforcement applies only to Daily Account balances that are outside of the acceptable tolerance range.*

Types of Accounts

There are three accounts Shippers have to track transactions at TEP:

  1. Daily Account - Includes all activity into and out of your account for the current day. Any adjustments to your activity within the last 5 days are updated in this account.
  2. Monthly Account - Adjustments to any activities that occurred prior to the last 5 days are updated in this account.
  3. Previous Monthly Account (or 'Inactive Roll Through Account') - Inventory in your account is moved to your Daily Account on the last day of the following month after all measurement and adjustments are complete. For example, an inactive account is moved to the active account.

Balancing Your Daily Account

Shippers are required to maintain their daily account balance within the acceptable tolerance ranges as set by TransGas. Tolerance ranges may change day-to-day as we make necessary adjustments to best manage our system.  

The balance can increase (pack) by doing things like:

  • transporting gas into Saskatchewan from out of province
  • bringing receipt gas onto the TransGas system from within the province
  • accepting a trade to buy another customer’s gas at TEP
  • drawing gas out of storage

The balance can decrease (draft) by doing things like:

  • transporting gas out of Saskatchewan (exporting)
  • delivering gas off of the TransGas system
  • accepting a trade to sell your gas to another customer at TEP
  • injecting gas into storage

Managing Your Daily Account

Ensuring your daily nominations are accurate and sent to us on time can help keep your account within the acceptable range. There are also reports on MyTransGas that provide:

  • Inventory Balance by Day report provides Daily Balance, Previous Monthly Balance, and the minimum and maximum tolerance range.
  • TEP Trades Daily report includes the current and future trade activity.
  • Shipper Account Balance report provides details of each receipt and delivery location in addition to trades and tolerance ranges. 

Shipper Accounts

Customers with transportation or storage service, or NIT to TEP Service, will also hold a valid TransGas Energy Pool (TEP) account. Your TEP account (Shipper Imbalance Account) will track all gas that moves in and out of TEP.

If you have questions about balancing your shipper account or would like to discuss your natural gas transportation and storage portfolio, please contact your Key Account Manager.