TransGas Tariff 

The tariff contains general terms and conditions, policies, and rates for the services we provide to our customers. Explore the tariff by section or view/download the full tariff.

TransGas Comprehensive Tariff

Section 1.1 Definitions. A list of definitions for the terminology used throughout the TransGas Tariff. 

Section 1.2 General Terms & Conditions. Terms and conditions for the natural gas services that TransGas provides.

Section 1.3 General Business Policies.  How TransGas manages and administers the transportation and storage of gas. Topics related to shipping, nominating, billing, and the renewal and assignment of transportation and storage contracts are covered. Key policies and procedures include the Standard Investment Policy, Open Seasons, Queue Policy, and Nominations Procedures.

Section 2.0 Rates. Current TransGas rates for the transportation and storage of gas, as well as service charges.

Section 3.1 Transportation. The different types of delivery and receipt transportation services TransGas offers, and the options for contracting these services.

Section 3.2 TransGas Energy Pool. An overview of the TransGas Energy Pool (TEP), including when it is applicable and how to nominate and transfer TEP service. 

Section 3.3 Storage. The different types of storage service TransGas offers and the options for contracting storage. Topics such as injecting, withdrawing, and transferring storage are covered, along with other terms of service related to managing gas storage.

Section 3.4 Common Stream Operations. How to identify or terminate a Common Stream Operator (CSO), and how to nominate and allocate common streamed gas onto the TransGas system. Other terms of service for when gas is involved in a common stream are provided.

Section 3.5 Electronic Business. Interacting and conducting business through the electronic business services TransGas provides, as well as related terms of service.

Section 3.6 Customer Specific Facilities Construction. General terms and conditions for agreements signed with TransGas to construct facilities and connect to our system.

Tariff Updates

August 1, 2023 - Updates to TransGas Investment Policy

November 1, 2022 - Changes to lower limit of D-31 rate class

April 1, 2022 - Update to Section 2: Rates (new rates effective April 1, 2022)

November 1, 2021 - Updates to the TransGas Investment Policy

November 1, 2021 - Changes to Account Balancing and Obligation Enforcement (TEP Service Specifications and General Terms and Conditions)

September 9, 2021 - Disclaimer added for D.51 and D.59 rates

September 2, 2021 - Section 2: Rates; E. Service Charges: Transportation Fuel Gas and Unaccounted for Gas Assessment

August 3, 2021 - Section 1.2: General Terms and Conditions; Article 13: Force Majeure