Temporary Gas Options

Compressed & Liquefied Natural Gas

Compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) service delivery is an option for customers that require a temporary supply of natural gas.

There are a number of CNG and LNG service providers that operate in Saskatchewan who may deliver natural gas if your permanent gas facilities are not yet in service or if temporary supply is required during a planned outage.

Please note that the use of CNG and/or LNG service providers in Saskatchewan is only permitted for temporary gas service. For TransGas to approve a gas transportation exemption, all of the service conditions must be met and TransGas must provide its consent to the temporary gas usage.

The consumption purpose of the gas must be:

  1. Temporary and transient in nature;
  2. For industrial or commercial use; and
  3. For single party use.

Contact your Key Account Manager for more information or to request an approval for temporary CNG or LNG service. 

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