Connection Process & Timeline Overview

Whether you're a new customer with natural gas transportation requirements, or an existing customer planning an expansion, we'll work with you to construct a facility that meets your specific needs.

From start to finish, it can take between 12 and 24 months to build a facility. It's important that you contact us to discuss your future gas needs and begin the connection process as early as possible so we can meet your timelines for service.


Understand the Prerequisites

Getting connected to our natural gas system starts with making sure that you understand, and meet, the prerequisites:

  • Your organization must be a registered business within Saskatchewan. Applications to become a registered business can be made through Information Services Corporation.
  • You must have a TransGas Service Agreement before you can sign any contracts with us.
  • Before a Schedule of Service (SOS) estimate and contract is issued, we will conduct a credit assessment and a credit limit will be established for your organization.

Please contact a member of our Customer Connect team if you require more information on these prerequisites. 


Complete the Facility Estimate Request Form

Complete the Facility Estimate Request form and submit it to TransGas for review. 


We Work to Understand Your Unique Facility and Gas Needs

We will contact you to discuss your facility estimate request to make sure we understand your timelines and your unique gas needs.

  • If you are a delivery customer, we need to understand how much gas you will require and at what pressure you will be using that gas. 
  • If you are a receipt customer, we need to understand how much volume you are producing, as well as the makeup of the gas. 

In either case, it is important that we understand your project delivery timelines.


We Complete a Preliminary Project Screening (PPS)

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we develop a preliminary project screening (PPS), which is typically completed within 2-3 weeks. The PPS identifies any options for the supply of natural gas and provides budgeted costs of the facility, or facilities. This is not a detailed estimate and is not binding. However, the PPS can be useful for customers in the preliminary planning phase of their projects. It also enables us to focus on the best solution to meet your needs as we move to the final estimate phase of the project.


Move Forward with a Schedule of Service (SOS) Estimate

If you would like to proceed to the next phase, which includes receiving a detailed estimate to construct the connection facility, please contact your TransGas representative to start this process.

Once the estimate is complete, you will receive a Construction Schedule of Service, which is a contract that provides a summary of:

  • the facilities and equipment to be installed for your connection
  • fixed and/or as-built costs, payment schedule, and potential TransGas investment
  • Expected in-service date for the TransGas facilities
  • Project-specific design conditions

Commit to Construction

If you would like to proceed with building the connection to our system, as quoted in your SOS estimate, sign the final estimate and return it to your TransGas representative.  Staged payments for facilities will be required prior to any project work taking place.


We Kick-off a Construction Project and Provide Progress Reports

In this phase, we begin a project to construct your new gas service. You are encouraged to attend and participate in our regular project update meetings. These meetings will include an update report, which provides:

  • Progress reports on construction activities and completed tasks
  • Updates on the development of the gas line route
  • Discussion on any risks and related mitigations
  • Review of costs to-date
  • Review of the schedule and timelines
  • Action items

Project Completion

Once construction is finished and you're connected to the TransGas system, you will be ready to receive or deliver natural gas. Final cost accounting generally takes place no later than 12 months after the in-service date (some exceptions to this timeline may apply).