Storage Services

TransGas offers storage services with flexibility to meet the needs of customers. 
Customers can contract for both underground storage capacity and a rate of withdrawal to meet storage needs. Long Term Firm Storage, Summer Use Storage, Excess Withdrawal and Biddable Injection Services are available.
There are eight storage facilities on the TransGas system. Customers are not required to contract at a specific site. 


Storage Season
  • The storage year commences on May 1 and ends on April 30 of the following year.
  • Summer Use storage transfers, withdrawals, and injections can happen only from April 1 through October 31, unless otherwise stated through an Open Season offer.
  • Summer Use Interruptible Storage allows customers to use storage services only during the summer use period, when available.
  • Most long-term storage services will automatically renew for another one-year term on May 1. If a customer wishes to alter or stop the service, written notice must be provided prior to the shed deadline (60 days before the contract end date).
  • Contracts for Firm Storage are a minimum term of one year.  Interruptible and Summer Use storage service can have terms as short as one month.
  • Customers specify their own combination of storage volume and withdrawal rate. This provides the flexibility to design storage services to meet unique requirements. 
  • More information on rates is available within the TransGas Tariff.
Injection and Withdrawal
  • Storage customers that have contracted for Firm Withdrawal rights receive a right to Base Firm Injection. 
  • Customers that have not contracted for Firm Withdrawal rights must use the services outlined below.
Base Firm Customers that hold Firm Withdrawal receive a minimum level of Firm Injection Capacity. This is calculated as a percentage of the customer's Firm Contracted Rate of Withdrawal. 
The inventory level, for establishing injection rights on any given day, includes a customer's inventory from the day prior, adjusted for any confirmed inventory transfers between other storage customers on that day. 
Seasonal Biddable Injection Firm This service is limited to the injection storage service specifications season (May to October). Customers may opt for a term of one to six months, in monthly increments. This service is offered through Open Seasons, when available. Prior injection bids are available on the Biddable Injection Summary.
Monthly Biddable Injection Firm Customers may obtain rights to Monthly Biddable Firm injection service. Through the Open Season process, storage customers may receive an offer for any excess monthly injection capability. This Service is limited to one-month duration. Prior injection bids are available on the Biddable Injection Summary.
Short-term Injection Firm After the Monthly Biddable Firm injection service is awarded, customers may receive an offer for short-term firm injection service, if any excess monthly injection capacity is available. This Service is limited to periods of less than one month in duration.
Excess Injection & Excess Withdrawal Service (Daily)

TransGas may still have daily injection capacity that exceeds firm injection service. On these days, TransGas will provide the extra injection capacity on a reasonable efforts basis upon request by the customer. 

The process to request Excess Injection or Excess Withdrawal is:

  1. Requests for Excess Injection/Withdrawal Service must be requested by customers the same day it is to be used other than:
    a.    Requests for a weekend/holiday are to be sent on the business day preceding the start of the weekend/holiday (e.g. Friday requests can include requesting Service for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  2. Requests for Excess Injection/Withdrawal Service with the quantity the customer wishes to secure are to be emailed to the customer’s Key Account Manager and by 7:30 a.m. during Daylight saving time or by 8:00 a.m. during Standard time.
  3. TransGas will evaluate all requests received on or before 7:30 a.m. during Daylight saving time, or 8:00 a.m. during Standard time, and notify shippers of their allocated volumes by 7:45 a.m. during Daylight saving time or 8:15 a.m. during Standard time.
    a.   If a customer requests more than the available Excess Injection/Withdrawal Service capacity, their request will be capped at the total available capacity
           i. For example, if a customer requests 50,000 GJ of Excess Injection Service but there is only a total of 10,000 GJ available, the customer’s request will be adjusted down to 10,000 GJ.
    b.    If the total amount requested by all customers is greater than the total amount available, requests will be allocated on a prorated basis. The proration will be based on the customer’s requested quantity after adjustments are made (if applicable) as outlined in 3a above.
  4. Any requests received after 7:30 a.m. during Daylight saving time, or after 8:00 a.m. during Standard time, will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis only if there is remaining Excess Injection/Withdrawal Service capacity available, upon TransGas’ discretion. 
  5. Customers nominate their allocated Service within MyTransGas.
  6. Any allocated volumes for this service will be deemed “take or pay”. This means any allocated volumes will be charged to the customer regardless of if the Service is nominated or not, unless:
    a.  The Service was not fully subscribed; and/or
    b.  The allocations did not result in another customer’s request receiving zero or a prorated amount of the requested Service.