Connect to Our System

We construct customer-specific facilities, by request, to connect your production or delivery sites to our system.

With nearly 15,000 kilometres of transmission gas lines throughout the province, and more than 1,200 receipt and delivery points, we can safely and reliably support your industrial or commercial natural gas transportation needs. 

Before connecting to our system, you should know:

  • We build custom connections to meet your needs. Note that TransGas owns and operates any facilities that are built.
  • Once you commit to a connection to our system, your team will be engaged throughout the execution of our project.
  • Project duration will vary depending on the complexity and timing of your request.
  • TransGas is a natural gas transportation company. Transactions related to buying or selling natural gas is not a service we provide. You will have to manage your gas supply, or use the services of a gas marketer.
  • See our system map to help you understand the TransGas infrastructure in the area where you plan to build or expand. You can also talk to a member of our team to confirm the available capacity in the area.
  • Only need temporary gas service? Learn more about compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas as well as the conditions for these temporary gas options.
  • If you expect your gas needs to be 66 GJ/day or less, please contact SaskEnergy for assistance. This amount of gas usually applies to farms, houses and some small commercial businesses.
We construct facilities to your specific requirements. Learn more about the process of connecting to our system, including what we do, what we need you to do, and general timelines.
We recognize that our customers have unique gas needs, including specific pressures, gas quality, peak demands, and pressure. Since each gas facility is unique, we provide you with an estimate that is customized to satisfy your specific gas requirements.
Gas marketers are specialists who can assist in managing natural gas portfolios. Our customers are able to manage their own gas contracts or hire a gas marketer to help with various tasks.

Terms and Definitions

The following are some common terms and definitions you will encounter in the process of connecting to our system:

Delivery Service:  The delivery of natural gas, through the TransGas system, to a customer's site.

Upsize Delivery Service:  When a Delivery Service customer requests to increase or expand their existing service.

Receipt Service: When TransGas receives natural gas from a natural gas producer, processor or a third-party gas line. 

Upsize Receipt Service:  When a Receipt Service customer requests to increase or expand their existing service.

In-service Date:  The approximate date that a customer would like their natural gas transportation service in place. This date is typically based on the delivery timeline for similar projects completed in the past.