Environmental Sustainability and Stewardship

Environmental sustainability is critical as we meet Saskatchewan’s demand for safe and reliable energy. It’s also important to our customers and the communities where we operate. We encourage and promote environmental responsibility and stewardship through collaboration with stakeholders, including industry and customers, and supporting community organizations.

From project planning and design through to construction, operation, and reclamation, TransGas is committed to protecting the environment. We strive to reduce our impact on all aspects of the environment, including plant life, wildlife, water bodies, native prairie, and species at risk.

We are also committed to assisting our customers in reducing their impacts to the environment. For example, we facilitate the reduction of associated gas flaring and venting.

Climate Leadership

As an energy company, we recognize our role — and the role of our industry — in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We do our part to manage our GHG emissions and contribute to a lower-carbon energy future by meeting and exceeding regulatory requirements. 

Through collaboration within our industry, we create innovative solutions to help reduce the environmental impact of natural gas. Emission-capturing devices are installed on all new compressor engines and we retrofit existing compressors to reduce GHG emissions into the atmosphere.

TransGas job site at dusk

Land and Water

We know that the protection of land and water is an essential part of maintaining healthy ecosystems. It is also an essential part of our business.

We strive to minimize our impact on the land and on water. When planning our projects, we avoid environmentally-sensitive landscapes and water features. Interactive tools are used to route and site our gas lines and facilities so that we don’t disturb sensitive habitat for the species that make it their home. A number of measures are also in place to prevent the introduction or spread of invasive species or diseases. 

Through our reclamation and integrity programs, thousands of kilometres of gas lines are inspected every year to help make sure we are protecting the landscape. We regularly work with and reach out to landowners with gas lines on their property to ask for feedback on our performance and pride ourselves on being responsive to any concern that may arise.

Landscape of South Saskatchewan River in Saskatoon


From building, operating and decommissioning our gas lines and facilities, we consider the wildlife that depend on the land and water around us. When constructing new gas lines, we use directional drilling to limit our environmental impact as we cross wetlands, rivers and creeks. By avoiding these sensitive landscapes, we protect the water and surrounding habitat for the wildlife that depend on it.

Supporting conservation and environmental organizations is another aspect of our commitment to the land and the wildlife that call it home. Through our parent company, SaskEnergy, we have sponsored more than 400 environmental and wildlife initiatives across Saskatchewan throughout the last 10 years. We have also partnered with Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) for more than 20 years and our employees have donated countless hours to corporate greening initiatives.

Red fox in a field