Natural Gas Services

TransGas offers natural gas transportation and storage services to customers. Our transportation service includes separate receipt and delivery components. This enables customers to contract for receipt or delivery transportation and hold either or both ends of the service. 

If you would like to discuss these services and how they can best work with your natural gas transportation and storage portfolio, please contact us or reach out to your Key Account Manager.

Alberta Receipt Service
Two types of firm service, as well as Interruptible service, are available to customers interested in Alberta supply services. 

Export Delivery Transportation Service
This service allows customers to move their gas from the TransGas Energy Pool (TEP) to export for delivery out of Saskatchewan.

Intra-Provincial Delivery Transportation Service
This service is for end-use customers that consume natural gas within Saskatchewan. Firm and interruptible service offerings are available for the transportation of gas to a delivery meter. 

Saskatchewan Receipt Transportation Service
Firm and Interruptible service offerings are available for the transportation of gas from a receipt meter in Saskatchewan to the TransGas Energy Pool (TEP). 

Storage Services
TransGas offers storage services with flexibility to meet the needs of customers.

Associated Gas Conservation Program
An allowance for oil and natural gas producers to supply associated gas directly to another producer.

TransGas Energy Pool (TEP)

Each customer must have a TransGas Energy Pool (TEP) account. TEP allows producers and suppliers to access a variety of markets. It also gives flexible supply options to industrial customers, utilities and distributors. Through TEP, customers have a tool for account balancing and gas price discovery within the Saskatchewan market. TEP could be thought of as a notional bank account for your gas.   

Gas brokers and marketers have a TEP account regardless of whether they hold receipt and/or delivery transportation contracts. Producers, natural gas brokers and end users will match daily supplies and demands within TEP. Customers can also transfer gas from one customer's account to another.

TransGas Service Offerings