Safety is Our Number One Priority

We are always committed to our safety, the safety of our team and the public. 

Safety is a core value and is the guiding principle in the operation of our system. Safety programming is applied to all aspects of our gas lines and facilities — design, construction, operation and maintenance. 

Our goal is to see every employee and contractor go home safely at the end of each day and meet the vision of Mission: Zero — zero injuries, zero fatalities and zero suffering.

We support public and workplace safety through initiatives such as the promotion of damage prevention, access to free safety training, as well as actions that align with leading best practices.  We are also proud to partner with organizations such as:

Keeping Saskatchewan Communities Safe 

Whether you are a landowner planning a dig project on your property, a developer constructing a new subdivision, or a first responder attending an emergency situation involving natural gas, we want you to stay safe while you complete your work.

Maintaining a safe and reliable system is our top priority. We design and operate our natural gas lines and related facilities to national standards.
Planning ahead is the first step in making sure your project is successful. It’s your responsibility to ensure you are not digging or encroaching on natural gas facilities.
The natural gas in many transmission lines is not odourized with the additive that gives the gas a sulpher or rotten egg smell. Learn how to spot a possible leak.
New urban development may impact the operation of our facilities and the transmission of natural gas.
We work with first responders in the communities we serve to help them stay safe when they respond to emergencies or situations involving natural gas.