Facility Crossing Application

Instructions: Please complete one Application Form for each 1/4 section of land effected. Please include drawings of your proposed work relative to the TransGas pipeline Right of Way with your application. Drawings of your entire project are not required. Email applications are preferred.

(Please enter the information of the party you want the Agreements & or Replies to be sent to)
(Please enter the Legal Company Name that will be used as the counter party for any Contracts/Agreements created with TransGas. Note: This address will be used for future legal notices for the life of any assets covered by Agreements and not just for the initial installation. Notices Attention are suggested to be departments and not individuals. Example: Land Dept, Legal, etc.)
Grantee Field Contact
(Please enter the information of the Field Contact you want TransGas to notify in future years when entering the joint crossing area covered by any Agreements issued. This information is not required for Seismic Notices or Encroachment Notices)
Land Location
(Please enter the legal land location of the work you are proposing. Note: one application required per 1/4 section or land parcel affected)
Activities Planned
(please select all that apply to your work
Fencing Options
(digging near pipeline or work within TGL ROW, ex. planting trees)
(please indicate the number of cables)
(please include map of proposed program area)
1) Select yes if you will be crossing with tractor trailer units and/or smaller vehicles that meet legal Provincial road weights that require no special permits
2) Please list any additional specific equipment that you require to cross our pipeline with
(please attach drawings with application)
Unlimited number of files can be uploaded to this field.
10 GB limit.
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