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TransGas is making changes to the D-31 (small industrial) rate class. TransGas will be increasing the lower limit of the D-31 Rate Class from 24,300 GJ to 26,100 GJ. Effective November 1, 2022, the following amendment will be made to the D-31 class in the TransGas Tariff:

Delivery Transportation – Small Industrial Firm: (2.2 TransGas Rates and Charges Description)

Applicability: To the movement of natural gas, owned by a second party, and transported from the TransGas Energy Pool through TransGas Limited's transmission facilities.  Available to Intra-Provincial Customers moving in excess of 26,100 GJs (previously 24,300 GJs) but less than 48,600 GJs per year. 

The change is intended to eliminate overlap with SaskEnergy rate classes and best match customers to the appropriate service provider. SaskEnergy locked down its Small Industrial rate class on September 8, 2022, allowing existing customers to remain and directing new qualifying customers to TransGas. Going forward, any delivery customers under 26,100 GJ (660,000 m3) will be served by SaskEnergy, and any customers ≥ 26,100 GJ will be served by TransGas.

Existing TransGas D-31 customers with annual loads between the previous lower limit (24,300 GJ/year) and the new lower limit (26,100 GJ/year) may remain in D-31 if their contract was renewed by September 8, 2022.

Please contact your Key Account Manager if you have any questions.

Erin Rodger
Key Account Manager

Casey MacLeod
Key Account Manager