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TGL is soliciting NIT to TEP (NTT) service bids in an attempt to assist Customers in securing Alberta Supply gas transportation service through a potential upcoming NGTL FT-D Expansion Capacity Open Season.

This is in reference to the Binding New Capacity Open Season for NIT to TEP (NTT) Service, which was made available on August 2, 2022. The bid deadline has been changed to 4:00 p.m. on September 7, 2022. 

TransGas anticipates that the Nova Gas Transmission Line (NGTL) will be holding a Binding Open Season with a potential service commencement date of no earlier than November 1, 2027.

As a result, TransGas is offering a NIT to TEP service offering will help NGTL understand Saskatchewan’s growth needs and will allow TransGas to accurately respond to the expected NGTL open season in order to offer incremental NTT service to TransGas Customers to meet their future transport needs. Taking a proactive approach provides customers with adequate time to responds and helps TransGas avoid over-subscription.

Important Information:

  • TransGas cannot guarantee NTT for this open season as it is dependent on NGTL holding the anticipated open season, as well as TransGas successfully being awarded capacity.
  • As this is an expansion-related offering, delays may occur which could impact TransGas’ ability to offer additional capacity – this would not affect existing NTT shipping contracts.  The capacity awarded through this expansion-related open season will only be treated as available by TransGas once made available through NGTL.
  • Capacity will be awarded largely based on term length, with the minimum term length being eight years.

Bid Information:

  • Bids are due by 4:00 p.m., September 7, 2022.
  • Bids are binding until the end of February 2023.  If the NGTL open season does not occur prior to that date, Customer bids from this TransGas open season will be voided.  TransGas would then issue another open season in order to remain prepared for an NGTL expansion-related open season.
  • TransGas will not be matching bids received with those placed with NGTL:
    • TransGas bids will be at least as long as TransGas Customer bids
    • If TransGas receives an exceptionally long bid from a Customer, TransGas may make a separate bid to NGTL on behalf of that Customer.

Empress to TEP:

  • Empress to TEP (ETT) service is not available for this open season. However, if NTGL does not hold an expansion season as anticipated, TransGas may consider holding an ETT open season.

Future Open Seasons:

  • Customers who are awarded capacity via this open season will not lose their chances of winning (priority) additional capacity, should additional capacity be made available in the future.
    • For example:  If more capacity becomes available at Cold Lake, TransGas would look to run it as a Turnback Open Season for Customers looking to flip longer term contracts to shorter terms.

Alexis Schmidt
Key Account Manager

Tanya Lang
Director, TransGas Customer Services