Published Date

TransGas strives to continuously improve its processes and information offerings to better assist customers in their day-to-day activities. We are pleased to announce improvements to two of our online tools: Planned outages and Shipper balancing.

Planned outages

The Planned Outages table on the TransGas website has been improved to provide customers with the ability to search for outages by their meter number, by date range, and/or by status (complete or active). Additional information is also provided, including the start and end dates of each planned outage; whether firm transportation contracts will be curtailed because of the outage and, if so, to what per cent; and any additional details that users may find helpful regarding the outage.  

It is our hope that access to better information regarding upcoming outages will help alleviate any impacts to customer operations and enable better management of anticipated flow. Note that in addition to the Planned Outages page, there is also a smaller version of the table located on the bottom left area of the TransGas homepage.

Shipper balancing 

TransGas recognizes the importance of shippers balancing their Daily Accounts. As such, we’ve created two new tools to assist in this area. Since the acceptable tolerance range changes from time to time, our website now displays a new graph that will allow you to search for past and current shipper tolerance percentage ranges. The Shipper Tolerance Percentage graph is located within the Daily Operations set of data offerings and be accessed via the menu at the top of the Daily Operations page.

We are also offering a new report in MyTransGas, which is called the Shipper Account Balance TGL (aka new IN63) report. This report provides additional details, such as location titles and meter codes, and includes colour codes to signal whether your Daily Shipper Account is inside (green) or outside (red) the acceptable tolerance range. If you see a red balance, action is required to bring this account back in and to avoid risk of possible TransGas Obligation Enforcement. The report also allows users to see whether any meter measurements are missing for a particular day — it includes location titles and meter codes for added clarity. To access the new Shipper Account Balance report, look under CAW INVENTORY and then SHIPPER ACCOUNT BALANCE TGL (External) in the MyTransGas system.