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TransGas is providing you a reminder for the upcoming potential curtailments to firm contracted NIT to TEP and Empress to TEP Services due to planned TransGas maintenance, integrity and abandonment work in the Southwest portion of Saskatchewan. 

Potential Curtailment:
Gas Days August 19 – September 14, 2023 (TransGas Curtailment)

TransGas will be performing system maintenance in the Southwest area. Based on current analysis and risk assessment, firm NIT to TEP and Empress to TEP Services may be curtailed to a per cent of the firm contracted capacity, however at this time no impacts to firm contracted capacities are anticipated. Note this curtailment estimate is subject to change.

TransGas will continually evaluate the situation and all efforts will be made to reduce Customer impact. Daily emails for Alberta Supply Interruptible and Fuel Gas Nominations will continue to be sent. However, it is anticipated neither will be available during the duration of the outage.  

Dates (Gas Day)Firm Transportation Curtailed to:
August 19 - September 14, 2023100%

Thank you for your cooperation. TransGas will endeavour to keep you updated by 11:00 A.M. one day prior for NIT to TEP service, and two days prior for Empress to TEP, only if there is a curtailment the following day(s) throughout the outage period.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the implications of these potential curtailments, please contact your Key Account Manager at:

Casey MacLeod
Key Account Manager

Erin Rodger
Key Account Manager