Open Season July 15, 2020

Binding Open Season for Annual Export Service Offering At Empress        

July 15, 2020

TransGas Limited (TransGas) hereby announces an Annual Binding Open Season for Long Term Firm Export Transport Service for the TransGas Energy Pool (TEP) at Empress. This Binding Open Season is being conducted pursuant to the terms and conditions contained within the TransGas Comprehensive Tariff and the terms and conditions set out herein.

The Open Season is available to all shippers.

The cost for this service is the Long-term Firm Export (E11.0) toll; current TransGas rates are subject to change.

Service Type Toll
Renewal Rights Transportation Capacity

Long Term Firm Export at Empress

Long Term Firm Export Service (E11.0)

No Renewal Rights (NRR)

Up to 25,000 GJ/d

November 1, 2020 – October 31, 2021

Additional terms governing this service include: 

  • Bids by entities or their affiliates cannot exceed the available transportation capacity for the available term. 
  • Bid durations must match the available term length. 
  • This service will have no renewal rights.
  • Queue deposit is not required.

The requests received will be evaluated and awarded based on the following: 

  • TransGas will evaluate the Binding Open Season Bids until such time as the availability left in the Open Season has been awarded. If, at any point in time during the evaluation process, circumstances are such that a customer’s minimum requested capacity exceeds the available quantity, no further evaluation will be made to the submitted Bid Form. 
  • If oversubscribed, Bids will be allocated on a prorated basis.

Interested customers are invited to complete the Binding Open Season Bid Form by 4:00 p.m. Saskatchewan time, August 5, 2020.

Immediately following the close of the Annual Binding Open Season, TransGas will evaluate the Bid Forms received, allocate the service quantities and contact interested parties regarding the amount of service allocated to them through the Binding Open Season. TransGas will then enter the Request for Service contracts into the TransGas Business System, QPTM. 

Following the close of the Annual Binding Open Season TransGas will not accept any further requests for this service. Future export service will be offered through binding open seasons subject to availability.