Open Season March 24, 2020

Binding Open Season for Empress to TEP Transport Service

March 24, 2020

On March 11, 2020, TC Energy posted an Existing Capacity Open Season (ECOS) for Firm Transportation capacity on the Canadian Mainline. This allows TransGas to offer out Empress to TEP service in excess of the 25 TJ/d first come first serve available as of this date. As a result, TransGas Limited (TransGas) hereby announces a Binding Open Season for Non-renewable Long Term Firm Empress to TransGas Energy Pool (TEP) Transport Service. This Binding Open Season is being conducted pursuant to the terms and conditions contained within the TransGas Comprehensive Tariff and the terms and conditions set out herein. First come first serve volumes will not be available during this Binding Open Season.

The cost for this service is the R11.0 Long Term Firm Receipt Transportation, currently 6.0078 per GJ/d/ month or $0.1975 per GJ; TransGas rates are subject to change. This service will have no renewal rights (NRR). Empress to TEP service will not be treated as a queue for future NIT to TEP service offerings.

Service Type Toll Renewal Rights Transportation Capacity Effective State Date Duration
Long Term Firm Empress to TEP Receipt Service
R11.0 NRR Up to 50,000 GJ/d November 1, 2020 1 Year

Additional terms governing this service include:

  • Bids by entities or their affiliates cannot exceed the available transportation capacity. 
  • Queue deposit is not required.
  • Service offering may be contingent on the ability to secure offsetting transportation.

The requests received will be evaluated and awarded based on the following:

  • If, at any point in time during the evaluation process, circumstances are such that a customer’s minimum requested capacity exceeds the available quantity, no further evaluation will be made to the customer’s Request for Service.
  • If oversubscribed, Bids will be prorated based on each customer’s Requested Maximum Capacity.

Interested customers are invited to complete the Request for Service by 12:00 p.m. Saskatchewan time, Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

Within five business days, TransGas will contact interested parties regarding the amount of service allocated to their service request. TransGas will then enter the request for service contracts into the TransGas Business System, QPTM.