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NIT to TEP Alberta Receipt Service Update - Additional Cost Recovery (effective November 1, 2023)

TransGas’ NIT to TEP Service is for receipt points that initiate at Nova Inventory Transfer (NIT) with TransGas being responsible to contract and transport natural gas through the Nova Gas Transmission Ltd. (NGTL) system in Alberta.

Customers utilizing this specific service are:

  • Charged TransGas’ standard receipt transportation rates; and 
  • Subject to an Additional Cost Recovery (ACR) charge related to the transportation of gas to the Saskatchewan border. 

The ACR charge to recover from customers utilizing the NIT to TEP Service effective November 1, 2023 has decreased from last quarter as outlined below:

Effective November 1, 2023

Service TypeTermDemand Charge (per GJ/D per month)Commodity Charge (per GJ)Updated Rate 100% Load Factor Equivalent (per GJ)Previous Rate 100% LF Equivalent (per GJ)
Long Term Firm1 - 2 years$6.8722         -$0.2259$0.2188
 3 - 4 years$6.5285         -$0.2146$0.2078
 5+ years$6.1849         -$0.2033$0.1969
Short Term Firm $6.8722         -$0.2259$0.2188
Interruptible          -$0.2485$0.2485$0.2407
High Priority Interruptible  $0.2485$0.2485$0.2407

These charges are based on actual historic costs, historic liquid credits and third-party contracting costs (including NGTL delivery rate changes). TransGas will continue to review and update the ACR charge on a quarterly basis to minimize any cumulative imbalance between costs and recoveries.

Information related to the current ACR charge in effect from August 1, 2023 to October 31, 2023 and historical ACR charges can also be found on the TransGas website under Additional Cost Recovery

A summary of the total NIT to TEP cost, which includes both the ACR and the TransGas receipt toll effective November 1, 2023 and historical August 1, 2023, is outlined below:

November 1, 2023

Service TypeAdditional Cost Recovery (per GJ)TransGas Toll (per GJ)Total (per GJ)
R110N (1-2 years)$0.2259$0.2296$0.4555
R1103 (3-4 years)$0.2146$0.2296$0.4442
R1105 (> 5 years)$0.2033$0.2296$0.4329
R11N (Short Term < 1 year)$0.2259$0.2525$0.4784
R190N (IT)$0.2485$0.3061$0.5546

August 1, 2023

Service TypeAdditional Cost Recovery (per GJ)TransGas Toll (per GJ)Total (per GJ)
R110N (1-2 years)$0.2188$0.2296$0.4484
R1103 (3-4 years)$0.2078$0.2296$0.4374
R1105 (> 5 years)$0.1969$0.2296$0.4265
R11N (Short Term < 1 year)$0.2188$0.2525$0.4713
R190N (IT)$0.2407$0.3061$0.5468

Please contact a member of the TransGas Customer Services team for any questions.

Casey MacLeod 
Key Account Manager 

Erin Rodger 
Key Account Manager