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TransGas Limited (TransGas) has completed the governance process and is changing its rates for transportation and storage services, effective April 1, 2021. Customers will see a rate increase ranging from 6.8% to 9%, with an average increase of 8% across all rate classes. The approved transportation and storage rates are shown below. 

As previously communicated, the requirement for the rate changes is primarily due to increased costs incurred by TransGas as we continue to provide high quality, safe and reliable service while focusing on system integrity and facility infrastructure. The last rate increase occurred nearly three years ago, on May 1, 2018. 

If you have any questions regarding how the rate changes will affect you, please contact your Key Account Manager — Alexis Schmidt at (306) 530-5499 or Adam Tulloch at (306) 551-9350.


  Basic Charge (per month) Demand Charge (per GJ/d per month) Commodity Charge (per GJ)
R-11.0 Long-term Firm*   $6.4178  
R-11.1 Short-term Firm*   $7.0596  
R-19.0 Interruptible*     $0.2813
1. Exports      
A. In Excess of 243,000 GJ/yr      
E-11.0 Long-term Firm   $6.4178  
E-11.1 Short-term Firm   $7.0596  
E-11.2 D11 Basic to Export   $7.2034  
E-11.3 L11 Basic to Export   $7.0596  
E-19.0 Interruptible     $0.2813
B. Between 48,600 and 243,000 GJ/yr      
E-21.2 D21 Basic to Export   $10.5131  
2. Intra-Provincial      
A. In Excess of 243,000 GJ/yr      
D-11.0 Basic   $6.5485  
D-19.0 Interruptible Summer     $0.2368
D-19.0 Interruptible Winter     $0.5382
B. Between 48,600 and 243,000 GJ/yr      
D-21.0 Basic   $9.5573  
D-29.0 Interruptible     $0.8978
C. Between 24,300 and 48,600 GJ/yr      
D031.0 Basic $288.85   $0.8134
D. Summer Use      
D-41.0 Basic $288.85   $0.2129
D-49.0 Interruptible     $0.2129
E. Between 370 and 24,300 GJ/yr      
D-51.0 Basic $288.85   $1.4771
D-59.0 Interruptible     $1.9694
L-11.0 Basic   $5.1100  
L-19.0 Interruptible Summer     $0.1848
L-19.0 Interruptible Winter     $0.4200

Storage Monthly Rate Summary

  Monthly Contracted Withdrawal Charge (per GJ/day per month) Monthly Contracted Capacity Charge (per GJ per month) Excess Withdrawal or Interruptible Charge (per GJ)
S-90.0 Basic $2.0725 $0.0407 $0.0681
S-99.0 Interruptible   $0.0407 $0.0681
S-40.0 Summer Use $2.0725 $0.0237 $0.0681
S-49.0 Summer Use Interruptible   $0.0237 $0.0681

Monthly fuel rates
*Additional Cost Recovery levels for receipts originating at NIT